E-Organization Transformation

E-Organization Transformation :

Within its ambit, World2Web has business and technology specialists who offer organization workable and grounded roadmap to e-enable their internal operations as well as their market-facing activities. W2Wizards are experts in architecting enterprise solutions, enabling migration of legacy systems to an Internet environment, integrating disparate enterprise application archipelagos and architecting the technology web that links back-end applications to customer-facing tools on the Internet.

The most significant differentiator that World2Web offers to its clients in this niche is a strong ROI perspective that enables one to match technology investments with the business objectives it seeks to meet. We have developed a range of metrics and methodologies that offer clients a comprehensive yet lucid elucidation of the issues involved and choices available.

As a large organization with mammoth investments in legacy systems, can you still reap the rewards of e-business without replacing people, retiring your legacy systems or reengineering your entire enterprise?

World2Web makes it possible for you. We understand corporate information to be the fuel that drives e-business. And we also understand that most corporate information has been locked away for decades inside legacy applications and databases. That's why the first logical step to e-business is to give your customers easy access to the information in your data-rich legacy machines.

Companies scrambling to move to e-business frequently confront one obstacle: to mine the information and functionality buried in legacy applications and integrate it with newer web applications.

Traditional integration methods take too long, cost too much, and in some cases, are too risky. Most IT organizations are today looking for a more practical approach, one that allows them to leave their existing applications intact, while recycling legacy data and logic for new purposes. At World2Web, our approach to leveraging your legacy applications responds directly to this requirement.

  • Intranet and Extranet Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • System Integration / Reengineering
  • Workflow Automation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Application Management
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Legacy Conversion/Porting/Migration
  • Technical Support and Maintenance

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